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Artist | Industrial Designer


Hello, I am Bahadır Kurt. I was born in Istanbul in 1996. After graduating from the Industrial Design department, I gained experience in furniture design, interior architecture, and social media expertise. Working with prestigious companies such as Von Dur Netherland and Camhane Art Center, I honed my unique skills.

Art is a means for me to creatively express my emotions and thoughts. Particularly focusing on portraits that reflect the emotional experiences of people taking the subway, I aim to capture the inner worlds of individuals through my art.

My works provide viewers with an opportunity to experience various emotional states. Each piece carries its own story, inviting art enthusiasts to contemplate and embark on a journey of emotional depth.

The portraits represent reflections of experiences with the intention of capturing a passenger's inner world for a moment. By bringing together different emotional states people experience while taking the subway, I offer viewers a platform to internalize these feelings. The portraits continue to pursue the goal of telling a story that begins with the expression on a person's face and evolves into a deep dialogue between the viewer and the artist.

Reflecting the complexity and speed of metropolitan life, my works examine the interactions and emotional experiences of people with simplicity and effectiveness. My art not only conveys beauty and aesthetics but also represents a desire to touch and connect with the inner world of individuals.

Each portrait invites the art enthusiast not only to a visual experience but also to an emotional exploration. Through the depicted emotions, viewers have the chance to discover their own emotional richness. My art stands out not only for its creativity but also for the effort to understand the inner world of individuals by touching them emotionally.

In conclusion, my art, shaped by industrial design education and experiences, presents a unique perspective. Reflecting the desire to understand the complexity and emotional depth of metropolitan life, my works invite art enthusiasts to a simple yet impactful artistic journey.


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